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Contact the William Morris Society


United States

William Morris Society in the US
P. O. Box 53263
Washington, DC 20009

Email: us@morrissociety.org
Email: wmsusmembership@gmail. contact the Society about membership matters (change of addresses or email, dues payments, and library subscriptions.

  • President Paul Acker
  • Vice President KellyAnn Fitzpatrick
  • Secretary Jane Carlin
  • Treasurer Anna Wager
  • Membership Coordinator Morna O'Neil
  • UK Communications Liaison, Jane Carlin
  • Useful and Beautiful editor Florence S. Boos,
  • Executive Board: Maureen Meister, Morna O'Neill, Jane Carlin, Meghan Freeman, David Lowden, Melissa Buron, and Sarah Mead Leonard.

United Kingdom and Canada