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Morris Related Links

Arts and Crafts in general

  • The Arts and Crafts Society is an extensive online (only) resource of information about the movement, with bibliographies, details of historic sites, and an events calendar. They also maintain a list of in-print books by and about William Morris.
  • Arts and Crafts Tapestries offers lovely Morris, Burne-Jones, and other Arts and Crafts tapestries.
  • Felhandler, Steeneken, and Wilk architects, maintains a web page with links to other resources in 19th and 20th century architecture and design.
  • Founders of the Arts and Crafts Movement: John Burrows's excellent collection of essays and lectures by Morris, Oscar Wilde, W. R. Lethaby, Walter Crane, Rosamund Marriott-Watson, and others, with links of other related sites.
  • The Tapestry House: This store offers Morris-design tapestries as well as many other medieval and modern tapestries.
  • Total Wallcovering: This store installs and sells wallcoverings to homeowners and interior designers in the US and Canada, and also provides custom historical sets and decorations for motion pictures and television production agencies. They offer a 7% discount to all William Morris Society members.
  • The Design Service: A unique speciality interior design service company featuring Morris reproductions as well as a very large Arts & Crafts section. For Morris wardrobes, see here.
  • Wisdom in Wood: Quotations carved in wood panels using a William Morris font.

Charles and Henry Greene

Elbert Hubbard and the Roycrofters

Frank Lloyd Wright

Arts & Crafts Movement Web Sites

  • http://www.emerywalker.org.uk/: The Emery Walker Trust's house at 7 Hammersmith Terrace. is open for tours during the late spring and summer months. William Morris Society members are invited to tour this historic property. Please visit their web site for more details on how to contact the Trust and how to make reservations to tour the house.
  • A William Morris Chair Story, Michael Delahunt's charming account of how he inherited a "Morris Chair" and what he found out about it.
  • The William Morris Society has taken out corporate membership of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings and of the Open Spaces Society (formerly known as the Commons Preservation Society), to give our active support to those campaigns which Morris championed and which continue today.

    Morris's involvement with the SPAB is well known; it was founded by William Morris in 1871. But relatively few people are aware that Morris was active in the Commons Preservation Society as a committee member and frequent public speaker in the late 1870s and early '80s and as a CPS caseworker for Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire almost up to his death.

  • TDS Design /Charlie Roe Arts and Crafts: Morris reproductions and Arts and Crafts; see also TDS Design.