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This page, currently under construction, is devoted to presenting materials for teaching Morris's life, writings, art work, and social ideas to students and learners at all levels. We hope to feature videos, classroom exercises, links, and other aids for presenting Morris at the primary, secondary, university, and adult education levels.

Videos and Films

G. D. H. Cole, The Life of William Morris from the Teaching Morris Initiative: a series of video shorts from G. D. H. Cole’s lectures about William Morris.

12 short films on the Arts and Crafts Movement"studying numerous representative workshops in Britain and America that Morris influenced. Of most interest here will be a half-hour documentary on the history of the Arts & Crafts Movement. It includes interviews I filmed in England with Helen Elletson of the William Morris Society in London, Derek Elliott of Hart Silversmiths and trustees from the Gordon Russell Design Museum." Requires Flash

“Gardening with Silk and Gold Thread”: The Botanical Designs & Ecosocial Activism of William Morris by Holly Cecil. "Five documentary shorts explore the life, textiles, and ecosocial passions of the great Victorian polymath, William Morris."

Slide Show


Study Questions

Course Syllabi; Accounts of Classroom Experimentation

  • News from Nowhere: Art and Ecotopia 2005, University of Iowa --a short introductory course for incoming freshman, 1 hour weekly for 13 weeks.
  • Cranks, Critics, and Communards,Curricular Materials for HIST 133, Fall 2015 byJason D. Martinek. A 100-level general educatgion course intended for first-time, first-year students. Study Questions of Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward and Willaim Morris's News from Nowhere