Black and white photograph of William Morris, an older man with a graying beard resting his head on his right fist.

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William Morris

Founded in 1971, the William Morris Society in the United States is a group of scholars and enthusiasts brought together in fellowship by our shared interest in the life and works of the nineteenth-century writer, designer, and political thinker William Morris.

Images: Portrait of William Morris by Frederick Hollyer, 1884. William Morris, Jasmine, wallpaper, 1872. Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access

The board of the William Morris Society in the United States has a sub-committee dedicated to diversity, equity, inclusion, and access. Our goals include removing barriers to participation; outreach; co-programming; and acknowledging colonial histories. We have...

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A brief introduction to

William Morris

William Morris (1834–1896) is remembered for his contributions to literature, political and social thought, historic preservation, and the history of art and design.

Widely recognized as the leader of the Arts and Crafts movement, Morris advocated for the importance of craft. Believing that art was the expression of ‘pleasure in labour’, Morris’s passion for the arts of everyday life and abhorrence of Victorian industrial society led him to political activism. Influenced by Marxism, anarchism and revolutionary socialism, Morris co-founded the Socialist League, campaigned for workers’ rights, and lectured widely on art, labor, and politics.

Morris was himself a prolific designer in a variety of media. His printed textiles, tapestries, carpets, tiles, and wallpapers transformed Victorian interiors. As founder of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, Morris has had a lasting impact in the field of heritage preservation. Towards the end of his life, his creative energies were focused on book printing.

Morris’s legacies survive today in myriad forms—in his poetry and prose, in his widely reproduced pattern designs, and in artistic, environmental, and political activism inspired by his life and work.

Image: William Morris, “Woodpecker” tapestry. Morris & Co., 1885.

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The William Morris Society in the United States is open to all residents of the US.

Members of the William Morris Society US are also members of the William Morris Society in the UK. They receive our magazine, Useful and Beautiful, and the Journal of William Morris Studies.

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“Morris and Company: The Making of an Exhibition”

“Morris and Company: The Making of an Exhibition”

On Tuesday, May 31 the William Morris Society US invites you to join us for Melinda Watt's presentation, "Morris and Company: The Making of an Exhibition." The talk will explore the exhibition "Morris and Company: The Business of Beauty," now on display at the Art...

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Image: William Morris, Fruit, wallpaper, c. 1866. Victoria and Albert Museum.

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