Morris in Translation

William Morris is popular across the world. His works have been translated extensively, and there are also biographies, articles, catalogues, and other materials available in many languages. This page brings together a selection of those materials, including PDF copies of historic translations.

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Arabic – اَلْعَرَبِيَّةُ


William Morris, “How I Became a Socialist”, Arabic

وليام موريس. كيف صرت اشتراكيا.

Bulgarian – български


William Morris, The Kings Lesson, Bulgarian. 1894.

Chinese – 汉语

Other Materials

Selected bibliography of Chinese-language works. Includes Morris works in translation and works on Morris written by Chinese authors. Collected c. 2010.

Czech – Čeština


William Morris, “Monopoly; or, How Labour is Robbed”, Czech: “Socialism a Monopol” Translated by Josef Vesely. No date.

William Morris, News from Nowhere, Czech: Zvěsti z Nejsoucna čili Epocha Míru. 1900.

Other Materials

Brief Czech biography of William Morris

Danish – Dansk


William Morris,“The Day is Coming,” Danish: “Nyaars-Gry.” Translated by Jeppe Aakjær. Samlede Værker, 1901.

Other Materials

Brief Danish biography of William Morris, Uffe Birkedal, William Morris og Hans Betydning en Leventsskildring. Copenhagen: Simon Bernsteens, 1908.

Dutch – Nederlands



William Morris, “The Aims of Art,” Dutch: “De Doeleinden der Kunst.”

William Morris, “Architecture and History,” Dutch: “Bouwkunst en Geschiedenis.”

William Morris, “Art and Socialism,” Dutch: “Kunst en Socialisme.”

William Morris, “Art, Wealth, and Riches,” Dutch: “Kunst, Vermogen, en Rijkdom.”

All of the above from Dutch translation of Art and Society, Kunst en Maatschappij. Translated by M. Hugenholtz-Zeeven, Introduction by Henri Polak. 2nd ed. Rotterdam: Nieuwe Uitgave, 1905.

William Morris, “Monopoly, or, How Labour is Robbed,” Dutch: “Monopolie, of, Hoe de Arbeider Bestolen Wordt.” Amsterdam: J. Sterringa, no date.


William Morris, selected poems from The Earthly Paradise: “The Son of Crœsus”, “The Proud King,” “Atalanta’s Race,” and “The Man Born to be King,” Dutch – “De Zoon Van Croesus,” “De Trotse Koning,” “De Wedloop Van Atalante,” en “De Man Geboren Om Koning Te Zun.” Translated by K. A. Borren. The Hague: N.V. Servire, 1931.


William Morris, A Dream of John Ball, Dutch: John Ball en Andere Vertalingen. Forward by Roland Holste-Van der Schalk. Amsterdam: W. Versluys, 1893.

William Morris, News from Nowhere, Dutch: Nieuws uit Nergensoord. Translated by F. van der Goes. Amsterdam: S.L. van Looy, 1897. (Google Books)

French – Français


William Morris, News from Nowhere, extracts, French: Nouvelles de Nulle Part, extraits. Translated by P. La Chesnais. Paris: Societé Nouvelle de Librairie et d’Edition, 1902.

Section française, William Morris, l’Archive Internet des Marxistes (Marxist Internet Archive) – external links:

Other Materials

Edouard Guyot, L’Idee Socialiste chez William Morris. Paris: Arthur Rousseau, 1909.

Paul Meier, “L’Utopie de William Morris–Aboutissement ou Étape?” Journal of William Morris Studies 1.3 (Summer 1963): 10-13.

Selected bibliography of other French-language scholarship and Morris works in French translation.

German – Deutsch

William Morris Texte

Website with major collection of translated texts by and about William Morris. Partial index available as PDF.


William Morris, Chants for Socialists, German: Lieder der Arbeit. Translated by Lilly Nahler-Nuellens. Vienna, 1909.

William Morris, Chants for Socialists, German: Gesänge für Sozialisten. Translated by W. L. Rosenberg, Andreas Scheu, and John Henry Mackay. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1889.

William Morris, The Dream of John Ball, German: Eine königliche Lektion. Ein Traum von John BallVienna, 1902.

William Morris, News from Nowhere, German: Kunde von Nirgendwo, ein utopischer Roman. Translated by Wilhelm Liebknecht. Stuttgart, 1920.

Collected translations by Hermann Seemann Nachfolger, Leipzig, 1901-1902

Other Materials in German

Selected bibliography of other German-language scholarship and Morris works in German translation.

Hungarian – Magyar Nyelv


William Morris, “The King’s Lesson”, Hungarian: “Egy Király Leckéje.” 1970.

William Morris, “Love is Enough”, Hungarian: “Szerelmed Elég.” Budapest, 1960.

William Morris, “The Story of the Unknown Church,” Hungarian: “Az Ismeretlen Templom Története.” 1932.

William Morris, “A Factory as it Might Be,” Hungarian: “A Gyári Munka Amilyen es Amilyen Lehetne.” Translated by Izsák Sándor. New York, 1922.

Italian – Italiano


William Morris, “The Defence of Guenevere,” Italian: “Guenevere si Difende”. Translated by Gabriella Micks.

William Morris, News from Nowhere, Italian: La terra promessa (chapter index). Translated by Ernestina d’Errico. Milan, 1895.

Other Materials

Camilla Poggi del Saldato, William Morris ed i suoi ideali sociali. Milan, 1914. Brief Italian-language biography of Morris, with a focus on his Socialist activities. Another copy can be viewed here.

Selected bibliography of other Italian-language scholarship and Morris works in Italian translation.

Japanese – 日本語


William Morris, “How We Live and How We Might Live,” Japanese: 吾等如何に生くべきか. Translated by 本間久雄 (Hisao Honma). Tokyo, 1925.

William Morris, News from Nowhere, Japanese: 理想卿. Translated by 堺利彥 (Sakai Toshihiko). Tokyo, 1904 (1920 edition).

Selected bibliography of Morris works in Japanese translation.

Other Materials

Nakayama Shuichi, “The Impact of William Morris in Japan, 1904 to the Present,” Journal of Design History Vol. 9, No. 4 (1996), pp. 273-283. (Requires JStor access.) This English-language article includes appendices of works by and about Morris in Japanese.

Polish – Polski


William Morris, News from Nowhere, Polish: Wieści z Nikąd: powieść utopijna. Translated by Marvi Kreczowskiej. Lwów (Lviv), 1902.

Other Materials

Brief Polish biography.

Portuguese – Português


William Morris, “Notes on the Founding of the Kelmscott Press,” Portugese: “Nota de William Morris sobre Seus Objetivos ao Fundar a Kelmscott Press.” Translated by Dorothée de Bruchard, 2003. (External link)

Russian – Pусский


William Morris, News from Nowhere, Russian: Вести ниоткуда, или Эпоха спокойствия. Translated by N. I. Sokolova (Н. И. Соколовой). Moscow, 1962.

William Morris, Selected Articles, Lectures, Speeches, Letters – Избранные статьи, лекции, речи, письма. Moscow, 1973.

Other Materials

Chronology of Morris’s Life and Works, “Даты Жизни И Деятельности Уильяма Морриса”

Aleksandr Anikst (А. Аникст), “Comments: The SPAB Manifesto”, “Комментарии: Манифест Общества защиты старинных зданий”, 1973.

Anna Matyukhina (А. В. Матюхина), “William Morris’s Adoration Tapestry in the Hermitage Museum.” Museum World 3 (2003): 40-42, Russian: Матюхина, «Яркая мечта» Уильяма Морриса. Шпалера «Поклонение волхвов» из собрания Государственного Эрмитажа. (Courtesy of the author.)

Nicholas Salmon, “William Morris (1834-96): A Brief Biography,” Russian: “Уильям Моррис (1834-96): краткая биография”

Serbian – Cрпски


William Morris, News from Nowhere, Serbian: Вести ни од куда. Translated by Dušan M. Bogosavljević (Душан М. Богосављевић). Beograd, 1911.

Slovak – Slovenčina

Other Materials

Mila Burcikova, brief William Morris biography, Slovak: “William Morris (1834 – 1896) – V skratke”

Mila Burcikova, longer William Morris biography, Slovak: “William Morris (1834 – 1896) – Umenie a spolocnost”

Spanish – Español


William Morris, “How We Live and How We Might Live,” Spanish: “Cómo vivimos y cómo podríamos vivir.” Barcelona, 1936.

William Morris, The Pilgrims of Hope, Spanish: Los Peregrinos de la Esperanza. Translated by and courtesy of Hope de Vega.

William Morris, News from Nowhere, Spanish: Noticias de Ninguna Parte. Buenos Aires, 1928.

Other Materials

Nicholas Salmon, “William Morris (1834-96): A Brief Biography,”  “William Morris (1834–96): Biografia.” Translated by and courtesy of Hope de Vega.

Chronology of Morris’s Life and Principal Publications, Tabla Cronológica de la Vida y Principales Publications de William Morris

Swedish – Svenska


William Morris, News from Nowhere, Swedish: Nytt Fran En Ny Varld, Eller En Hvilans Tid. Translated by C.N. Carleson. Stockholm, 1892.

William Morris, News from Nowhere, Swedish: Fran Framtidslandet, Eller En tid af Hvila. Chapters 1 and 2. Translated by Axel Lundeberg. Minneapolis, Minnesota: Gnistan, July 15, 1891.

Other Materials

Brief biography of Morris: Waldemar Zachrission, William Morris: Strödda Drag ur Hans Liv. Tillvaro, 1926.

Thai – ภาษาไทย


William Morris, “The Society of the Future,” Thai: สังคมในอนาคต. Translated by and courtesy of Duangrudi Suksang.