Teaching Morris

University Level

Teaching William Morris

Published in 2019, this edited volume features contributions by many leading Morris scholars. Learn more.

Morris’s Writings: Study Questions

Florence S. Boos, University of Iowa Professor of English, has shared several sets of study questions about Morris’s life and works:


William Morris’s designs are a frequent subject of study in British primary and secondary schools, and several UK institutions provide lesson plans, activity sheets, and other resources for educations.

The William Morris Society UK Teaching Resources

Includes a lesson plan for a unit exploring pattern and Morris’s designs through printmaking.

The William Morris Gallery Teaching Resources

Includes lesson plans for units exploring Morris’s designs, his literary and natural inspirations, the business of design, and Morris’s role as a political organizer.

Video Resources

William Morris Society US on YouTube

Our YouTube channel offers a wide range of video resources, including recordings of our digital lecture series and panels, and playlists we have collected of Morris-related content created by other groups and scholars.

In 2015, the Teaching William Morris Project and the WMS-US also produced a series of videos presenting excerpts from G. D. H. Cole’s lectures on the Life of William Morris.