JWMS Vol. 07 No. 3 (Autumn 1987)

Vol. 7 No. 3 p. 23-33 Reviews

Gary L. Aho, William Morris: A Reference Guide (Richard Smith) 23
Peter Faulkner, ed., Jane Morris to Wilfrid Scawlen Blunt: The Letters of Jane Morris to Wilfrid Scawlen Blunt together with extracts from Blunt’s diaries (Norman Kelvin) 24
Amanda Hodgson, The Romances of William Morris (Andrew Dodds) 27
Dorothy A. Harrop, Sir Emery Walker 1851 – 1933 (Colin Franklin) 28
Norman Jewson, By Chance I Did Rove (Nicholas Friend) 29
J.S. Ryan, ed., The Nameless Wood. Victorian Fantasists — Their Achievements — Their Influence (Peter Faulkner) 31
T. Pinkney, ed., News from Nowhere. Journal of the Oxford English Faculty Opposition (Peter Faulkner) 31

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