The summer 2022 issue of Useful and Beautiful, the magazine of the William Morris Society in the United States, is now available as a PDF for all readers.

The magazine’s new editors, Anna Wager and Brandiann Molby, extend their gratitude to former editors Florence Boos for her long and productive tenure!

Cover of summer 2022 issue of Useful & Beautiful, featuring Morris's "Daisy" wallpaper.

Download here.

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An Introduction to the New Issue by the New Editors
Peter Tanner, “Unexpected Legacy: William Morris and Magical Realism”
David Kopp, “In Defense of Elbert Hubbard: Morris Imitator or Inspired Follower?”
An Interview with Rosie Fairfax-Cholmeley about Her Work at Wytham Studios in Oxford by Anna Wager and Brandiann Molby
A Tribute to Mark Samuels Lasner by Florence S. Boos and Jane Carlin
Margaret D. Stetz, “X-Zooming Lizzie”
Florence S. Boos, ed, A Routledge Companion to William Morris, reviewed by Jude Nixon

And more!