On November 1st, 2023, the William Morris Society US and the Decorative Arts, Craft, and Design group of the Art Libraries Society will host a virtual presentation with Miriam Pugliese of Nido di Seta (Silk Nest), an Italian group dedicated to sustainable textile practices by utilizing local resources and direct contact with nature, specifically through the ancient tradition of silkworm breeding. This event will be offered virtually, via Zoom, at 1:00 pm Eastern. The event is free and registration is open to the public.

A woman holding up a dripping textile bundle above a bucket. She is outside, with a stone wall behind her. More fabric and a basket sit on a table beside her.

Cristina, a Nido di Seta employee

About Nido di Seta and Miriam Pugliese: The impetus for founding Nido di Seta (Silk Nest) was a group of young Calabrians who decided to take on a very specific challenge: to return and stay in Calabria doing something worthwhile. Miriam Pugliese is one of the founders of the group.

Taking over an abandoned mulberry orchard, which was previously used to support our village’s silk mill, they restored it to its original activity. To acquire the knowledge of silk culture, they were the disciples of many elderly people, the last heirs of the centenarian silk tradition of our region. To implement their teachings, the founders travelled all around the world.

Day by day, they build on our virtuous circuit that manages to combine the fabrication of precious artisan treasures, a profound love of our culture, and artistic experiences. This rich and interesting combination has also transformed our home into an experience destination for national and international visitors.